Privacy Policy

iSpyFire, Inc. collects certain information through our online service, located a (our “Service”). This page (this “Privacy Policy”) lays out our policies and procedures surrounding the collection and handling of any such information that identifies an individual user or that could be used to contact or locate him or her (“Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII”).

This Privacy Policy applies only our online service. It does not apply to any third party site or service linked to our Service or recommended or referred by our Service or by our staff. And it does not apply to any other website or online service operated by our company, or to any of our offline activities.

We collect the following Personally Identifiable Information from users who use service: name, e-mail address, and possibly their phone number and address.

We also use “cookies” to collect certain information from all users. A cookie is a string of data our system sends to your computer and then uses to identify your computer when you return to our Service. Cookies give us usage data, like how often you visit, where you go at the site, and what you do.

We use your Personally Identifiable Information to create your account, to communicate with you about the services you’ve purchased or are using, to offer you additional products and services, and to bill you. We also use that information to the extent necessary to enforce our Service's terms of service and to prevent imminent harm to persons or property.

We use cookies so that our Service can remember you and provide you with the information you’re most likely to need. We may use information gained through cookies to compile statistical information about use of our Service, such as the time users spend at the site and the pages they visit most often. Those statistics do not include PII.

Unfortunately, even with the utilization of encryption techniques and SSL connections, we cannot guarantee the security of PII. By using our Service, you acknowledge and agree that we make no such guarantee, and that you use our Service at your own risk.

iSpyFire, Inc. will not share your iSpyFire data with third parties except as needed for technical reasons or if required by law.

iSpyFire, Inc. utilizes Stripe to process all of our payments. Therefore we share your email and billing addresses with them. None of your credit card information is stored or directly used by iSpyFire, Inc., instead this is all handeled by Stripe. You can access their Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and information about PCI compliance here.

iSpyFire, Inc. utilizes TaxCloud to calculate and process sales tax information and payments. Therefore we share your customer identifier and charge histories with them. You can access their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Security Policy at their website here.

The Service is not currently approved for any data requiring HIPPA compliance!

You can access and change any Personally Identifiable Information we store about you through your “My” page. Your administrator(s) may also access and change any of this information as well from the "People" page.

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new version on this page or on a successor page. The new version will become effective on the date it’s posted.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 509.847.2002 and/or [email protected]