We love our PSAPs
Dispatch Center's and iSpy

Our dispatch center's really do get free access to iSpyFire for all their dispatchers and administrators. Giving you the ability to keep tabs on your center from anywhere. Know what's happening at any time, live. Create notification groups to get targeted alerts for particular call types. We won't even pressure you into our other products, really!

More Dispatch Center Products

Backup CAD: Stop dispatching calls off paper when your CAD system goes down. Use iSpyFire's Backup CAD and your responders will never know CAD is down, the calls display just like a normal CAD created call to your users. Charged by an annual subscription fee (don't worry it's not bad).

Auto-Toning: We've been able to shave 60-90 seconds off every toned fire/ems call at some of our dispatch centers. Not to mention a reduction in dispatcher workload. We have two options, auto-toning and auto-toning with voice (short report). Give us a call for pricing.