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Sign Up To Be A Mobile V2 Beta Tester

Beta testing is an incredibly valuable part of the software development process, having technically minded users run through our updates before the masses improves things for everyone. This is especially important due to the variety in ways our app is used and the critical nature of our customer base.

Beta testing signups will be available in late April 2023

Beta page updated: 4/10/23

Mobile V2 New Features
  • Improved multi-agency support
    • Turn on/off wanted agencies (enabled agencies)
    • Enabled agencies recognized throughout
      • Calls list
      • Callbacks
      • Inbox
      • Notifications
      • Etc.
  • Notifications
    • Critical alerts (silent override)
    • Repeat alerts
  • Calls
    • Virtual agencies for calls list
      • Based on notification groups
      • Example: Station 11 as a virtual agency
    • Incident photos
    • Native maps
    • Quick respond icon on calls list
  • Inbox
    • Chat type design
    • Emoji support
    • Profile pictures
  • Unit Features
    • Improved AVL
    • Improved push to respond
Current Incomplete Features
  • Map Layers
Mobile V2 Bug Statuses
  • Profile pictures not loading - open
  • Call pictures not loading - open
  • Calls list loading time - closed 3.20.23
  • Comment highlighting - closed 4.1.23
  • Group map tablet view loading issues - open
  • Calls list responding menu issues - open
  • Occasional drawing issues when loading calls list with closed calls - open
  • App crash after changing view order in options - open
  • Inbox new message hides text field - open